We fight together

We are humans

To give women an economic opportunity to earn their dignified livelihood and to make them empowered, DESSI International looks forward to work & fight with us in providing following facilities for the women empowerment sustainability solutions:

  • TVET education
  • Skill Development
  • Digital Literacy
  • Access to Technologies
  • Arts & Crafts Promotions
  • Direct Market Linkages
  • Participation in Social Activities
  • Better Livelihood Opportunities
  • Promote Entrepreneurship
  • Advocacy & Human Rights

DESSI International is here to become a small link in helping people who are in deplorable conditions and to be able to see the joy in their eyes when they receive aid – especially children, girls and women. It brings tears to my eyes. They are in a bad situation and because of an intervention they become able to be in a better situation and that is most rewarding. DESSI International stays in areas where women have no amenities. There are lots of unemployment, poverty and not enough water or food. But because we are working with people who live in even worse conditions so we can bare the challenging aspects.

DESSI International works for the promotion of applique arts & crafts, providing funded TVET & FREE skill development education as well as open entrepreneurship avenues focusing on women development strengthening activities in the under developed areas and that is much challenging.

Our Causes

Our Sponsors & Affiliates

United Nations GEIDCO NGO CSW New York Govt. of Pakistan NAVTTC Govt. of Sindh BBSHRRDB ZABTech National Internship Program Islamabad Applique STEVTA SRSO